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November 9, 2020 


Mark Brooks

Zwischen Realität


November 9, 2020

A little on your footprint with social media.

What you post on the world wide web will not go away it will most likely still be here when you are dead. It will lay dormant in some data bank.


The FUTURE archeologist will use your post to explain how you were:

This data will brand who you were as it today tells people who and what you are.

They will record that attitudes such as yours are the main reason that our society advanced or died.

That will be a long way from today.  But for today's impressions of you, it is more important for your future.

You share with us your mortality, politics, we see if you are and know how to work with others. 

When you go looking for work, your maybe future employer can not look into your life to see if they think you would fit in with the working organization.

When you belong to a religious group they can see that maybe your not really a true follower of the faith.

I am suggesting that you think about how the world is to see you.

It is not just your ( friends) that read your post.  People can read them

from all counties in the world.

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